The attendance of the trade show by international professionals, especially Italians who came particularly to attend the Hosted Buyers Programme, increased in 2015. However, the number of French managers declined due to the large number of nightlife establishment’s closures recorded this year. This new edition has been voted in by

all for the seriousness of its conferences, for the quality of its organization but also for the setting concrete relationship realized with professionals for whom MICS has become unmissable. All visitors and exhibitors highlighted the high-level of decision makers as well as the rising interest of traditional HORECA’s professionals. The Monaco International Clubbing show proudly welcome 8 632 visits during 3 days and 4 nights. This year, thanks to the Weezevent platform, each visitor was able to register prior to the event on the MICS website to access with greater ease in the trade show. Overview of the 3 keys to success to MICS: 1 / A Trade Show from 2pm to 9pm held in the Grimaldi Forum. It brings together key players and decision makers from the world of nightlife. Regarding the exhibitors, they were particularly numerous this year (107 exhibitors!). Many companies have thus shown their interest in the show such as Coca-Cola (France), Champagne Royal Riviera Monte Carlo (Monaco), Mongalo Design (USA), Eric Kuster (Netherlands), Liquid Gold (Italy), Planet Disco (France), Donna Design (France), Smithson Martin (USA), Bacardi-Martini (France), Bose (France), Marcello Innovation (Italy), Monster (UK), Beluga Vodka (Cyprus), SL Major (France) Merybar products (Quebec), Deutz Champagne (France), Gold Energy (Monaco) and many more. The exhibitors were able to demonstrate their expertise in several categories: - Design, a key element in the development of an establishment represented by the luxury brand Eric Kuster, or the originality of JD Deco through the charming Donna Design. - Technic (sound, light and video), fundamental for every bar and club to ensure both visual and audible atmosphere. The MICS is proud to count on the expertise of Dushow’s company SFAT, Kinesik’s LED but also Bose’s sound-system. - Beverage with alcohol or without always most original and prestigious (Evian Badoit, Pago, Beluga Vodka, Bacardi Martini, Jaggermeister ...). - New technologies represented through interactive terminals (Wizito), with no-sound multi-channel headphones (Silent Nativ), hearing protection (Earcare developpelent), connected tables (Seedertech) or bottles LED labels (Merybar products)! - Bar equipment sometimes unbreakable (Unbreaklabel), sometimes phosphorescent (Merybar) but always surprising. - And all the "Others" which allows each nightlife’s actor to be different alcoholic sorbets (IceDreams, Maison Crespi, Poptail & Dreams), rechargeable Magnum Champagne weapon replicas (Extranight), Liqueur spheres and fruit pearls (Fine Taste MC) etc… Among the exhibitors, some of them remain unavoidable and show their loyalty by coming year after year. The giant energy drink, Monster, still gave rhythm to MICS thanks to a lively music or ever bewitching shows of Monster girls (dances, fire-throwing...). Coca-Cola was also back this year to the delight mixology’s fans creating a stand Finley dedicated to this art. What also makes this trade show attractive are its conferences held every day thanks to the European Nightlife Association (ENA) and the major federation in France, UMIH. Qualified speakers were present to discuss about themes that punctuate daily the sector: binge drinking, drugs issue, responsible consumption, noise or digital communication. The main stage hosted for the first time, a workshop directed by Joachim Garraud who came to present his new Producer Box and the Clubber Application exclusively dedicated to nightlife’s lovers. The DJ Mag magazine, also gathered those interested in the profession of DJ, producer and music in general to meet and exchange on opportunities and market. In a similar register and for the fourth consecutive year, the NRJ DJ Awards ceremony (on November 4th) has hosted the world acclaimed star DJ’s including the incredible duo Axwell Λ Ingrosso who performed an exclusive set in the Principality. But they were not the only ones to have made the trip. Indeed Martin Solveig, Bob Sinclar, Joachim Garraud, Lost Frequencies, Robin Schultz or Big Ali filled with life the main stage in the late afternoon and then in the MICS Club from 11pm. 2 / Targeted B2B speed-meetings In an effort to improve the quality of meetings, the Hosted Buyers Programme kept its promises. These speed-meetings are now an integral part of the success of MICS. The programme allows exhibitors to organize their presence based on targeted and qualified appointments every afternoon with international decision-makers from the world of night (Hosted Buyers) invited by the MICS (clubs owners, beverage distributors, restaurants, beaches, bars etc...). The selection of these decision makers is defined according to certain criteria such as the turnover, the number of establishments or the annual investment. For the 4th year of the programme, more than 100 institutions among the most prestigious in the world were present and were able to meet with exhibitors, to create new opportunities and to talk business: The Cavalli Club (Dubai), Playboy Club (United-Kingdom) Czekolada (Poland), Toy Room (Greece), Matignon (France), Concrete and Weather Festival (France), Nassau Beach Club (Ibiza), Space (Russia), Bar Rouge (Shanghai), Jardins de Bagatelle (France), Matrixx (Netherlands), Dreamfields Festival (Bali), Cirque Le Soir (UnitedKingdom), Drama (UK) among many others. 3/ MICS DJ Festival turns up the volume! The MICS Club is a nightclub specially arranged for the occasion thanks to many professionnals skills. The MICS was able to count on Dushow for any technical installation, Kinesik for screens, d&b audiotechnic took care of sound, SFAT perfecting the special effects and lasers were cared by Cittadini providing an incredible show. JD Deco has dressed the layout of the space and Dine O Quick previously established the ticketing system. Charly B, renowned light jockey beside Zyper, video jockey and Chris Simple, resident DJ have guaranteed high-quality nights. You have been over 5 000 to participate to parties that blend professionals to the general public. For this occasion, big names of deejaying came and gave birth to a rich and varied program: Wednesday, November 4th, the official NRJ DJ Awards After Party did not disappoint clubbers who came to dance for more than 6 hours and enjoyed unique DJ sets made in Axwell Λ Ingrosso, Robin Schultz, Lost Frequencies, Joachim Garraud, Martin Solveig, Bob Sinclar... On Thursday, November 5th, the prestigious vodka brand Beluga Vodka presented the fabulous Jillionaire of Major Lazer who placed its turntables in the MICS Club providing an incredible performance to the delight of those present. The strength of this particular DJ Festival resides in diversifying its programming. MICS Club welcomed thus the prodigy French Riviera child, The Avener who gathered, on Friday, November 6th, hundreds of fans until the end of the night beside Synapson and Joris Delacroix in the framework of their international tour Flashdeep. A crazy night initiated by Leo Lanvin and Nicolas Monier! Finally, and to close the DJ Festival, Sylvain Luka and Mike Andrea, originally the new concept Sacré Français, 100% French Touch have ignited the MICS Club on Saturday, November 7th thanks to their unprecedented performances and a setting worthy of the great paintings of the Hexagon alongside DJ Iacopo. All of these artists therefore continue to write the history of the MICS DJ Festival such as, before them, superstars like Pharrell Williams, Martin Garrix, Paris Hilton, Steve Aoki or Joachim Garraud present in previous editions. In 2015, clubbers could also enjoy a special place dedicated to Just Dance made in Coca-Cola animated by real dancers. This aim of this game is to make everyone follow a precise choreography on catchy rhythms. Each player could then leave with the Wii Just Dance’s present