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Embassies Reports RUSSIA


Tribuna Economica renewed, in 2018, the appointment with the REPORT RUSSIA.

Thanks to the participation of the major institutions of the two countries, the Report dedicated to the Russian market is a promotion of the economic, financial and commercial activities of the country as well as relations with Italy. 

Export and foreign investment will be the main topics discussed in the interviews with the respective Ambassadors and the President of our partner CCIR, together with the in-depth articles written by the Promos Milano experts.

Firms in the private sector will give their support as witnesses of the investments already made in both countries, and our articles will provide an overview of what offers Russia to foreign entrepreneurs who want to invest locally.


The paper's and digital copies of the number with the Report, will be bought in our online store while the interview  will be reported in our Linkedin, Facebook and Twitter official pages and on the website of our partner Assocamerestero and Promos.


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