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With an innovative transport market that is subject to major disruption, addressing the growth finance gap and other policy and regulatory challenges faced by companies in the innovative transport sector is the aim of the recommendations of the new InnovFin Advisory report that was presented at the TRA Conference in Vienna early. The new report, “Financing innovation in clean and sustainable mobility”, a study on access to finance for the

innovative road transport sector performed by the European Investment Bank, is supported under EU’s research and innovation programme Horizon 2020.

The report analyses access to finance issues and other bottlenecks limiting or delaying investments in three segments of Innovative Transport; i) urban green mobility solutions; ii) low carbon vehicles and iii) automated and connected road transport. The study identified a financing gap of between EUR 5.5 and 13 billion annually for European companies developing technologies and services in these areas.

Despite major investments globally, with overall funding volumes doubling annually over the past five years the study finds that the distribution of money has remained highly uneven, concentrated on specific business models and on a few individual companies, most of them outside the EU. Furthermore, a lack of standards and common regulations across Europe go hand in hand with the bottleneck of access to suitable financing opportunities.

“In such a dynamic environment, European Institutions have a pivotal role to play in the setting of targets, standards and regulatory principles, but even more so in spurring investment into cleaner and more sustainable mobility” said President Werner Hoyer. “The EIB is playing a major role in the decarbonisation of transport in Europe: lending to sustainable transport sectors has been steadily increasing and now constitutes the majority of our yearly transport lending volumes.”

The study puts forth a set of nine recommendations, for the European Commission, the EIB and the wider industry and investors’ community to consider, to address the identified finance and policy gaps.