The 12th Annual Middle East Insurance Forum will be held on the 2nd and 3rd of February 2016 at the Gulf Hotel Bahrain with the strategic support of the Central Bank of Bahrain (CBB) and in partnership with the leading insurance companies of the region.

The Forum is set to gather more than 400 insurance professionals from around the world comprising of policy makers, dignitaries, central bank representatives, heads of insurance supervision, CEOs of the largest insurance operators, thought leaders and experts in research, bankers, academia and Shariah scholars.


The high profile gathering with a brand new refreshed agenda will tackle head-on the most critical issues in the industry relating to unhealthy and fierce competition, diminishing returns, declining growth rates and the implications of major global and regional developments in insurance regulations. The discussions will specifically focus on expanding and diversifying the market to create new opportunities for growth under the theme of “Connect, Converge, Consolidate.”


The 12th MEIF will be host to a number of new initiatives and innovative features. The most noteworthy feature is “Connect” by ME Global Advisors, a mobile application that will provide a truly engaging and interactive experience for the audience by enabling them to participate in live voting on key issues. The mobile app will also facilitate high impact networking opportunities between delegates to help build new partnerships. Another key feature is the real time extensive coverage of the conference on social media to facilitate virtual conversations, thereby extending the reach of the insurance community and its key issues to consumers.


The Forum program has been intelligently crafted along the multiple streams of life insurance/family Takaful and Non-life insurance to cover these considerably different models of insurance in detail. There has also been an increased focus on creating bespoke content tailored to meet the critical needs of the industry. These include the growth of life insurance/Family Takaful, implications of the regulatory developments in the region, strengthening rating of the insurance operators, diversifying investment management strategies and reinforcing bancasssurance and bancatakaful partnerships.


On the intelligence front, the most exciting feature will be the launch of the “Finance Forward Middle East Insurance Outlook Report 2016” by Middle East Global Advisors, the conveners of the Forum over its 12-year history. Under the leadership of Dr. Sayd Farook, Vice Chairman and CEO of Middle East Global Advisors, the report will provide groundbreaking forward looking insights into the key forces shaping the regional insurance industry in 2016.


MEIF 2016 will also commemorate business excellence in the insurance industry by presenting the “12th Annual MEIF Institutional Excellence Award 2016” to the leading organization.


Speaking ahead of the forum Mr. Abdul Rahman Mohammed Al Baker - Executive Director of Financial Institutions Supervision at the CBB and the opening keynote speaker at the forum - commended the role of MEIF in supporting the growth of the industry.  He stated that "MEIF has contributed significantly to shaping the path of the industry over the years by providing a platform to come together and deliberate on the key challenges and opportunities. The upcoming MEIF is particularly important in facilitating a dialogue among the insurance practitioners, policy makers and other stakeholders in the industry which currently is more critical than ever, as the regional and global insurance industry undergoes a significant changes as regulations adapt to ensure stability and growth.


Mr. Al Baker highlighted the importance of the event's focus on increasing the industry's size, he stated” the Middle East insurance industry has enormous potential for growth driven by rising insurance penetration and increased economic growth in the region and it’s imperative to find ways to tap into this potential. I am glad that the forum will focus on such vital opportunities and I look forward to the discussions”


Dr. Sayd Farook appreciated the crucial role of CBB in strengthening the Middle East insurance industry, he stated ” We are thankful to CBB and Mr. Al Baker for their continued support in driving the growth of the industry by encouraging gatherings like MEIF. Speaking to the pivotal role of the forum, he further mentions, “MEIF serves as a compass to determine the future course of the industry. In order to further enhance the experience of the participants and ensure that the forum generates fresh insights for the industry, we have completely redesigned the structure of the programme and added many new features. These developments are aimed at addressing the most critical issues, facilitating thought provoking discussions, encouraging interaction amongst the participants and taking the conversations global to multiply exposure and participation. I am particularly looking forward to the launch of the “Finance Forward Middle East Insurance Outlook Report 2016”. The outlook will help Insurance leaders and practitioners appreciate the key headwinds impacting the Middle East insurance sector in 2016 and facilitate their strategic planning based on industry wide empirical data.”