The climate challenge, which will see the world come together in Paris at the COP21 from 30 November to December 11th, 2015, is not only about the environment, but is also a geopolitical, technological, economic and social challenge. A challenge for the future

which we can win provided we make a firm commitment to the green economy, energy efficiency and clean energy.


In the study “100 Italian Energy Stories” presented by Enel's CEO and General Manager, Francesco Starace, and the Chairman of Symbola, Ermete Realacci, Enel and Symbola tell us about a new direction focused on innovation and quality, research and competitiveness This report focuses  on the Italian power sector, which gathers together top success stories ranging from generation to distribution, from equipment maintenance to household energy efficiency. Businesses, research bodies and associations in Italy have been taking this path towards sustainable energy.


“We tell the story of a country which, despite long-standing limitations and problems, is at the forefront in many sectors, in particular in the energy sector” - say Realacci and Starace in the foreword to ‘100 Italian Energy Stories’. “We have started to exploit the opportunities of converting electricity generation towards sustainable and small-scale generation, which required new solutions. This report, whilst not claiming to be exhaustive or an academic study, gathers the stories of 100 protagonists of this change”. The climate challenge can be won through innovation, efficiency, clean energy and the green economy. Italy is in the game.


 Italy is the global leader in terms of photovoltaic contribution to the national power generation mix (7.9%), ahead not only of Greece (7.6%) and Germany (7%), but also of Japan (under 3%) and the USA and China (less than 1%). Italy also shares the top place with Spain among the large EU countries as to the share of renewables in power generation. Italy also ranks second among Europe's big players in terms of energy consumption efficiency in the national economy. Italy consumes 15 tonnes of oil equivalent per million euro, while the UK consumes 12 toe (but has less manufacturing), France 16 toe, and Spain and Germany 18 toe.