Physicists of Karlsruhe Institute of Technology succeeded in an unexpected breakthrough. The scientists involved in the experiment → KATRIN achieved narrowing down the mass of enigmatic neutrinos. Thus, the neutrinos could be at least 500,000

times lighter than a singular electron. Experts call this knowledge an essential step towards a better understanding of the cosmic particles, media reported worldwide.

One who is particularly pleased about this news is Berlin based entrepreneur Holger Thorsten Schubart. He owns the global rights for the commercial use of the Neutrino Energy. Schubart: "Everything with a weight can also be used for something."

Schubart is currently investing significant resources into mass production of so-called → metamaterial, in which neutrinos and other elements of the spectrum of cosmic rays can be converted into electrical voltage. Metamaterial is an artificial structure with permeability to electric and magnetic fields.

Experiments with prototypes were satisfactory, reports Schubart. As soon as it is possible to harvest energy from the inexhaustible source of the universe on a grand scale, all the problems that conventional energy procurement entails could be eliminated, Schubart emphasizes. Critics accuse Schubart of pursuing unrealistic goals and cover him with accusations.

According to a video released on Youtube by Berlin-based media entrepreneur and blogger Marcus Johst, Schubart plans to launch a listing on the NYSE shortly. Schubart did not want to name the specific date. Read these excerpts of the → video interview, which was conducted in German:

About the tasks of the next months: Now it is about using the good news and translating the scientific findings into technical applications.

About the meaning of the current news: The physics books must be rewritten. Neutrinos were previously considered as massless and not suitable for interaction. That's why they called them ghost particles. Then came the Nobel Prize. And now a mass is assigned to the individual neutrino. That's a breakthrough.

About financing the next steps: So far, private investors have been supporting the development of Neutrino Energy. Ultimately, we need to go public to implement our plans on a grand scale. We want to be listed in NYSE because only there enough imagination to bet on the neutrino business model exists.