This €2.9 million project is coordinated by Israel's Agricultural Research Organization and sees the participation of 9 partner organizations from Cyprus, France, Greece, Israel, Jordan, Palestine and Spain. A new European project called "ARTOLIO" as part of the ENI CBC Med programme

was launched in October 2020 with the aim of implementing innovative, developmental measures that will drive improvements in the quality of production.

ARTOLIO, in addition to focusing on process improvement, sustainability and energy efficiency, will contribute to establishing a new level of superior quality for extra virgin olive oil. These measures aim to improve the local economy of the participating countries as well as to provide the rural world and/or agricultural sector with tools that will help place the product on the market, but also to position its quality and give it visibility in other spaces of international scope. Members of the Mediterranean countries of Israel, Greece, France, Cyprus, Palestine, Jordan and Spain are participating in the project. ARTOLIO is coordinated by the Agricultural Research Organization (ARO Volcani Center and partners from the Beit Hakerem Cluster - Israel), National Agricultural Research Center (Jordan), Palestinian Centre for Agriculture Research and

Development (Palestine), American Farm School Post-Secondary Educational and Training Association (Greece), Hellenic Agricultural Organization DEMETER (Greece), Department of Agriculture – Ministry of Agriculture, Rural Development and Environment (Cyprus), University of Jaén (Spain), Université de Corse Pasquale Paoli (France) and Kellenfol Advertising S.L. (Spain).