The recently-launched startup swarmOS, a company with a mission to support the process of Agile business transformation, will use the global Atlassian Summit to showcase three brand-new products.  They are all built on the proven strength of the Atlassian platform, ranked by Gartner as the

leading provider of Agile software capabilities, and extend three key Atlassian components: Jira (business management); Confluence (document collaboration); and HipChat (team collaboration).

The Agile approach, already widely used for software development projects, is also an excellent way to execute business transformation in today’s volatile business environment. The swarmOS products extend these three Atlassian tools to make them approachable, relevant and easy-to-use for business decision makers and business users involved in such transformations: swarmOS Foundation, based on Atlassian Jira, allows business users to set up their projects, describe ojectives linked to them and assemble teams to work on them. swarmOS Cockpit gives an executive overview of projects, allowing business users to understand the big picture, timeline, budget and the right actions to take next. swarmOS Analyzer is an all-in-one visualisation tool - a dramatic new way of seeing the world, full of insights to drive business decisions.

For more details on the individual products, see the swarmOS Product Information Sheet.  These products give CEOs a fundamental new perspective, allowing them to launch, steer and navigate the projects critical to the success of their businesses.  They have been developed with a focus on the business user experience, by an executive team with an established track record in understanding business issues and developing business software, striving to make Agile business transformation as easy as possible for the business user.

Executives have to quickly identify and focus on what’s critical to encourage their teams to take accurate decisions faster,“ said Dieter Weißhaar, CEO of swarmOS. Most companies are too slow to drive the rapid change necessary to keep them competitive – adapting to fast-moving markets is key to success these days.  Our products offer a new perspective – key information – all in one place, and, importantly, in real time. The Agile approach needs to be easy to adapt and use, by anyone from the CEO right down through the organization.  swarmOS products make the lives of business users easier by enabling them to visualize, analyze and lead.“

Swift response to issues as they arise is key to the success of an Agile business transformation.  The swarmOS products enable teams to oversee hundreds – even thousands – of issues, and executives to handle escalations raised swiftly and appropriately, to address problems before they become serious.

The swarmOS apps help us as a company to reduce unnecessary complexity, said Rainer Koppitz, CEO of swarmOS customer B2X. They help me personally to direct multiple projects, to address roadblocks and to maximize return on investment.

The products are launched at Atlassian Summit and have General Availability in September 2017, as a service within the Atlassian Cloud.  swarmOS Foundation is available free of charge; swarmOS Cockpit and swarmOS Analyzer prices start from $10 per month for up to 10 users, ranging to $5 or $0.5 per user per month if users scale up.  swarmOS offers a 30-day free trial period.