Neural Technologies, a long-established sponsor of the Risk & Assurance Group, and a leading international provider of Revenue Protection, Digital Transformation and Data Analytic solutions to the telecommunications industry, has integrated

its Optimus Fraud Management System (FMS) with the blockchain that powers RAG's Wangiri fraud intelligence exchange. As a consequence, all Comunication Service Providers (CSP) using Optimus Fraud Management will be able to seamlessly add and retrieve information about Wangiri fraud attacks to and from the industry's most comprehensive real-time fraud database.

As a partner member of the RAG Wangiri Blockchain Consortium, Neural Technologies will provide its customers with easy access to the distributed and secure blockchain ledger of fraudulent Wangiri calls dialed worldwide. CSP’s across the world have already joined the consortium. Giving CSP’s access to the consortium ledger via one of the industry's most popular fraud management systems will further accelerate the adoption of this vital anti-fraud collaboration.

Martin Laesch, CTO of Neural Technologies, explained why they enhanced Optimus to make it even simpler for CSP’s to share what they know about Wangiri fraud.