SquaredFinancial announced that Philippe Ghanem has acquired all the shares of the company. This paves the way for it to expand its services and geographical footprint, and offer a new, one-stop solution to traders and investors seeking secure,

regulated and technology-led access to global markets.

A pioneer in online trading, Swiss businessman and financier Philippe Ghanem founded SquaredFinancial Group, one of the sector's first platforms, in 2005 and was already its majority shareholder. After more than 15 years in the international arena, including managing one of the market's largest companies, he has decided to acquire all the shares of the company and resume his position as Executive Chairman in order to make it a leading player.

SquaredFinancial is targeting exponential growth as it increases its presence in key markets and gradually opens new offices in jurisdictions offering strong and recognised regulation. Growth will be achieved organically, as well as by acquiring financial companies, banks and FinTech companies.

The target markets include Europe, Asia, Latin America and Africa, where a range of brokerage, wealth management and asset management products will be offered. Technology will be fully integrated to provide accessible and secure trading solutions founded on a commitment to KYC and AML. This will enable SquaredFinancial to provide the necessary support to clients, be they first-time or experienced investors, and whether looking to build or preserve their wealth.