G+D Mobile Security partners with Ferratum in producing and personalizing the totality of the entity's environment-friendly payment cards. Ferratum, which operates in 20 markets globally, adds a new chapter to its Corporate Social Responsibility and Sustainability strategy

as a contribution to mitigate climate change and respect for the environment.

To introduce these new eco-friendly cards among its customers, Ferratum together with G+D has created a special packaging also made from green materials. In fact, the packaging has the logo of the NGO Forest Stewardship Council (FSC), which certifies the sustainable origin of the material used in the manufacturing process.

The new Ferratum cards are made of lactic polyacid (PLA) that is gained from corn starch. This material offers considerable environmental advantages compared to conventional PVC (thermoplastic) cards. PLA, in opposition to PVC, is not petroleum-based and does not produce toxins when destroyed, usually by incineration, at the end of its life cycle. However, the look and feel and durability are just like usual cards.

Through this project, Ferratum, headquartered in Helsinki, Finland, makes a new step within its Corporate Social Responsibility and Sustainability strategy, which gains importance inside the global financial services provider's overall strategy. The company has found a reliable partner in G+D to continue this journey. G+D brings comprehensive experience and capacity for innovation in the area of bank cards and, in particular, in the development of green products. G+D cards are certified and are currently the only ones in the market which are made up of only environment-friendly PLA layers.

"We want to make a firm commitment to take our sustainable business strategy one step further within our organization. By providing our customers with environmentally sustainable cards we set a fundamental milestone on our journey to a sustainable future," says Petri Rahja, Chief Product Officer of Ferratum globally. "Being able to count on a trustworthy partner like G+D, with broad experience and capable in offering high quality solutions in the banking sector, is essential."

David González, Head of Sales Secure Transactions and Services for Europe and North Africa at G+D Mobile Security, adds: "For G+D, it is very important that a bank trusts us when implementing its environmental strategy. We believe we can offer Ferratum all our accumulated experience in the production and design of bank cards over the last 40 years, as well as our innovation capacity in the development of new eco-friendly materials. In this way, together with Ferratum, we are setting the course for a sustainable future."