Germany in first place on the E-Mobility Index for technology. Analysts' forecast: Electric car sales increase 60% in Europe and 20% worldwide for the full year Electric car manufacturer Tesla with high share price gains, while competition suffers losses In July, 182% more electric vehicles

were registered in Germany than in the same month of last year, despite the fact that the automotive market is generally in decline due to the corona crisis. For all drive systems, 5.4% fewer vehicles have been registered. This is the result of a new infographic from

A total of 16,798 new electric vehicles were registered in July. The Renault Zoe is in the lead with 2,851 new registrations, followed by the VW E-Golf and Hyundai Kona. 

As can be seen in the infographic, German companies are certainly leading the way in electric mobility. With a score of 2.3 in the "Technology" section of the e-mobility index, they occupy the absolute top position. In the "Industry" and "Market" sections, however, China continues to dominate. 

As the study shows, analysts expect the electric car market to pick up speed considerably, especially in Europe. They assume that 60% more electric cars will be sold on the continent in the whole year than in 2019, and that the increase worldwide will amount to around 20%. 

"The demand for electric vehicles is growing considerably," according to Kryptoszene analyst Raphael Lulay. "The state's innovation premium may be playing a role here, but even so, various surveys suggest that electric vehicles are becoming attractive to more and more customers".