Dreyfus Corporation announces financing available for small businesses hit by the coronavirus pandemic with a €250m Euro investment into small

businesses and start-up projects across the European Union.

The scheme which has been backed by MEP’s throughout Europe and will see two per cent interest loans to small companies struggling and starting up in all sectors across European regions.

Struggling small businesses and start-ups seeking funds Dreyfus Corporation offers support to the tune of €250m as a branch of much-needed support. Small business is the backbone of our societies; we must persevere to protect them.

Dreyfus corporations flagship product for investors and shareholders is our innovative stock loan program, which has been used by most major banks for the last 80 years. Our securities lending program is the perfect solution that enables investors to hold higher-performance assets in a portfolio with a simultaneous ability to realize cash liquidity as quickly as they need for cash arises. In response to our stock loan program and in a short amount of time, investors have come to recognize Dreyfus Corporation as the premier lender in the international stock loan industry. We built our house from stock loans, and now we proudly use our fund’s to make the worlds house a better place. Dreyfus Corporation renewable energy projects are exclusively for the European union economic zones.