This new venture will provide a pioneering AI-driven SaaS that unifies all pricing, demand forecasting, stock management and promotional processes for online and offline retailers in one solutionXavier Tous joins Optimus Price’s management board as General Manager,

which will continue with Carlos Fenollosa as its CEO. Optimus Price, the leading solution in the market for pricing automation and sales forecasting, and Athena, specialist in price and competitor monitoring and digital marketing applications, have signed a strategic agreement to merge both companies under one single entity.

Through this partnership, both companies aim to create a unique Artificial Intelligence (AI) founded SaaS that unifies all pricing and stock management processes in one solution. This will position Optimus Price as the most suitable solution in the market for retail, in terms of functionality, ease of configuration and effectiveness.

Optimus Price thus provides the first tool in the market for online and offline retailers to cover the end-to-end of their pricing and stock management decision chain. It allows companies to understand their clients’ purchase behavior, automatically optimizing margins and providing pricing strategies while increasing efficiencies in regards to stock management and procurement processes.

Following this agreement, both companies will be folded under the Optimus Price brand. Xavier Tous, founder and CEO of Athena, will join Optimus Price as General Manager, with Athena’s team being integrated into the Optimus Price structure. Carlos Fenollosa will continue in his CEO role.