The Directorate of Naval Armaments of the General Secretariat of Defence has acquired the submarine rescue system developed by Saipem and Drass, which will be assigned as specialist equipment to the new SDO-SuRS (Special Diving Operations - Submarine Rescue System)

vessel of the Italian Navy. The system integrates the latest generation of a remotely operated subsea vehicle (ROV) supplied by Saipem with a rescue capsule manufactured by Drass. The ROV acts as a carrier for navigation and control while the capsule carries submariners back to the surface through a controlled habitat, in full safety. The ROV and the capsule are mechanically and electronically connected, thus forming a single module linked to the vessel via a cable which contains power lines and optical fibres for power, communication and control.

The ROV control subsystems and automation devices engineering were performed by Sonsub, Saipem's centre of excellence headquartered in Marghera (Venice), specialised in the development and industrialisation of advanced subsea technologies. The design of the surface intervention and rescue systems, as well as their modularity and integration on modern rescue ships, was performed by Drass Engineering Department in Livorno, thanks to the experience acquired on numerous submarine rescue projects with foreign navies and the wealth of knowledge matured in the offshore deep diving sector.The expertise and experiences of both Saipem and Drass have integrated each other perfectly to offer the Italian Defence a combination of excellence in the world of subsea.