CBD Global Sciences, Inc. announced the finalization of an agreement with Ed McCaffrey, three-time Superbowl Champion and Pro Bowl Athlete, to endorse the Company's CBD infused sports wellness brand Aethics. Ed McCaffrey, former NFL Athlete, has decided to endorse

Aethics(TM), a CBD infused sports wellness product line that includes full spectrum tinctures, topicals, hydration and confectionary products. Ed was extremely pleased to find a CBD infused product line geared towards athletes that focuses on mitigating pain and other ailments for the human body in an all-natural way. Ed shared, "I was curious to hear more about the Aethics(TM) brand mainly because of the company's focus on efficacy of its product line. I have to be extremely careful to endorse products that I can be assured will impact the human body in a positive manner, my reputation counts on it. After careful research, use of the product and study of the manufacturing process, I was convinced that Aethics(TM) is a product line that I can stand behind." He also recognized that the Colorado-based CBD company controls the quality of the CBD going into the products and it all starts at the farm in Strasburg Colorado. With the 'bangs and bruises' over the many years of a successful NFL career, Ed has grown to rely on the Aethics(TM) products to address the issue that former athletes all experience. "It really works, and I am so happy to introduce my colleagues and fan base to this incredible product."

Brad Wyatt, CEO of CBD Global Sciences, shared, "I am extremely excited to have the opportunity to work with Ed on this CBD project. He is such an incredible athlete, community leader, family man and advocate for sports wellness and health in general, it seems like a perfect fit for both Ed and Aethics.'