Ameritek Ventures, Inc., a company focused on developing and launching innovative technology, manufacturing products for businesses and governments, announced its growth plan for 2021. Ameritek Ventures, Inc. has engaged a PCAOB auditor and work with a Canadian law firm

that works on both United States Registration Statement and Canadian stock exchange listing application to file an S-1 registration statement. The S-1 registration statement will make Ameritek Ventures an SEC reporting company that needs to be uplisted to OTCQB to attract broker-dealers and recommend their clients about our company. Further, in the growth plan, the company will prepare the documentation and financials to allow for a future listing onto a Canadian stock exchange when the time is right.The Ameritek Growth Plan will deploy Dr. Passley's General Growth Process Model which utilizes ten (10) levels and the four (4) Bs strategies - build, borrow, buy, and abroad at each level. The four Bs growth strategies proved that successful technology businesses, such as Google, Microsoft, Oracle, and Apple, went through the ten levels and growth process for their business ideas to take off and created the tech giants that they are today. Ameritek Ventures is developing its flagship products -- the Augmum robotics technology integrated with the machine learning system and the FlexFridge portable mini smart fridge for business and healthcare use.