Ozan Electronic Money Turkey was established to bring individual users together with SMEs on financial services. The recent Visa principal membership is an important step towards this goal and means that Ozan Visa Card users will be able to spend safely anywhere in the world.

"1.7 billion people in the world are still completely unbanked - and billions more are underbanked." Ozan Electronic Money Turkey continues its licensing and infrastructure efforts required to operate in the UK, the European Union countries and the USA. Viewing 2020 as a preparatory year, the Ozan Team started 2021 by taking a very important step to achieving its global goals and officially announced its Visa principal membership.

Alfred F. Kelly, CEO of Visa, mentioned Ozan Electronic Money Turkey in his speech at the Q4 Earnings Conference Call organized by Visa. He signaled that important steps would be taken with the cooperation between Visa and Ozan Electronic Money Turkey in global money transfer and many other areas at the beginning of 2021.

Suner also pointed out that the team behind Ozan SuperApp will develop new features that will make daily life easier, in line with the wishes and needs of the users.