The networking of objects with the Internet - this is what is meant by the Internet of Things (IoT) - is only possible with raw materials like silver. Objects communicate independently via the Internet and thus take over tasks of the owner. It's about information, automatic orders or emergency functions.

Today, billions of devices are connected to the Internet. This increasing automation is also boosting economic activity. In this area, silver plays an important role, because the raw material can be used to establish connections worldwide. In particular, objects for monitoring and tracking, known as radio frequency identification (RFID) devices, are being used in a variety of ways. According to estimates, silver consumption for RFIDs is expected to increase by 400 percent by 2030. This sector includes household appliances and smartphones. It is no longer unusual to switch on the light or the television with a voice command to "Alexa". And in many devices of this kind, silver is built into the circuit boards or electrical contacts. Due to the greatest electrical conductivity, silver is so important in the electrical and electronics sector. The metal also plays a major role in renewable energies. According to studies, the share of renewable energies worldwide will increase from around 20 percent in 2020 to 49 percent in 2030. So again, this is an area where silver demand will rise sharply. Moreover, silver has its place as an investment metal. To bet on a rising silver price, silver stocks such as those of Discovery Silver or Tier One Silver are suitable.