For this year’s Week of the Italian Cuisine in the World, the annual initiative promoting Italian culinary heritage, we are taking you on a tour of some of Italy’s most famous and beloved markets. We are all fascinated by local market when we visit a new city! They attract us for their colors,

liveliness, aromas, people, noises, and flavors. The extraordinary diversity of people and products found in a market are an indication of the abundance of the locality and a treat for all our senses. The series of documentaries, “Mercati Italiani”, recounts the stories hidden behind every product displayed, and it allows us to discover the wonderful places they come from. Italy shares a diverse and complex food and wine heritage: we chose to tell it through the exceptional stories of those who carry on this tradition with commitment every day. The markets of Turin, Florence and Palermo are the “ombelico”, the navel, of their respective cities: urban spaces that have radically transformed but remain the heart of their economy and the symbol of the city and its territory.