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New publication of the SPAIN REPORT in February 2021.


Thanks to the collaboration with the Italian Embassy in Madrid and the interventions of the Chambers of Commerce, we will be able to offer a 360-degree view of the situation of Italian and Spanish investments in each other's countries, trends in the two markets, import, export, finance , employment, internationalization, together with updates on the economic trend in the era of a pandemic, insights into the measures put in place by the Spanish government to tackle the crisis, the role of Europe in the context of industrial recovery and, last but not least, the tourism sector, a key element in Spain's GDP.

The participation of the private sector will not be lacking with sponsorships and interviews, in order to also listen to the voice of companies.


Digital and paper copy of the number presenting the report will be bought in our online store while the interview  will be reported in our Linkedin, Facebook and Twitter official pages and on the website of our partners Assocamerestero and Promos Italia. 


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