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Two years after the last publication, the appointment with the IRELAND REPORT returns in November, to update the macro and micro economy data of the country, economic and commercial exchanges with Italy, investments and to talk about the numbers generated from ICT.


A small, modern nation,  well-integrated in international trade, the second country in the world in the technological sector; a sector that gives employment to over 100 thousand Irish workers.


The very low taxation for businesses and copyrights and the program of the Irish Government to reduce inflation, tax burden and public expenditure in proportion to GDP, increase the quality of the workforce and encourage foreign investment, have given positive results.


These and other topics will be written in interviews with the Irish and Italian Ambassadors, private and institutional personalities, together with the insights written by the experts of the Global Market (Promos-Milan), interviews with the Chambers of Commerce and the articles of our editorial staff. While there is an intervention by our Director at Radio Montecarlo, Focus: Ireland.



Digital and paper copy of the number presenting the report will be bought in our online store while the interview  will be reported in our Linkedin, Facebook and Twitter official pages and on the website of our partners Assocamerestero and Promos-Milano


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