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President Sergio Mattarella and Mrs Laura visit Trinity College in Dublin


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Thanks to the development and modernization in every aspect of society, Ireland has achieved positive growth trends and a self-sufficient economy of excellent levels.


Agriculture has always been the leading sector of the Irish economy but, thanks to government actions, businesses and services have taken over, employing over 75% of the workforce and becoming the hub of the national economy.


The good performance of the tertiary sector and services places Ireland at the top of the European ranking.


Within a few decades, Ireland has become the world's leading exporter of software and there are many foreign multinationals that have their headquarters on the island thanks to the business-friendly environment, highly skilled and educated workforce, and commitment to the European Union and the Single Market, along with the low tax costs Furthermore, the national tax system provides for particular attention to corporate income taxes.


In the Ireland Report to be published in June, there will be many insights and interviews,, in particular the intervention of the Ambassador of Ireland in Italy, that will help to understand the Irish economy and bilateral trade relations with Italy. 


Digital and paper copy of the number presenting the report will be bought in our online store while the interview will be reported in our Linkedin, Facebook, Twitter and YouTube official pages and on the website of our partners Assocamerestero and Promos Italia, Confassociazioni, LaPresse.


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