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The European Investment Fund (EIF) and the Netherlands Investment Agency (NIA) as predecessor of Invest-NL are launching a EUR 100 million co-investment programme – the Dutch Growth Co-Investment Programme. The objective of the programme is to support innovative and fast-growing SMEs and

small mid-caps, which are either established or operating in the Netherlands. The co-investment programme is supported by the European Fund for Strategic Investments (EFSI), the core of the Investment Plan for Europe. EIF and NIA each commit EUR 50 million to this jointly developed programme. The combined commitments of EUR 100 million are expected to catalyse at least another EUR 100 million of private equity financing from Dutch-oriented fund managers.

EIF will manage and deploy the Dutch Growth Co-Investment Programme, through co-investments into companies targeted by the programme, alongside EIF and DVI accredited fund managers. The programme is specifically targeting the "second equity gap", which companies face when they are developing beyond the start-up stage into the growth phase of their lifecycles. The programme is not restricted to any particular sector.

The Dutch Growth Co-Investment Programme is one of the first financing programmes launched by the EIF under the EIF-NPI Equity Platform and the Investment Plan for Europe, in cooperation with EU National Promotional Institutions. The Investment Plan is expected to mobilise EUR 236.1 billion across Europe, EUR 6.4bn of which is in the Netherlands.


The agreement was announced during the StartupFest Europe in Amsterdam, an annual event aimed to support entrepreneurship in Europe. Speaking at the event, EIB Vice President, Pim van Ballekom said: “The EIB Group is a firm believer in entrepreneurship and the potential of innovative companies. This is why we are delighted that the EIF is partnering with the Netherlands Investment Agency to deliver additional finance via this co-investment scheme. By mobilising other investors, including funds from the private sector, our equity investment should lead to overall investments of more than EUR 200 million for primarily Dutch SMEs. The health of the European economy rests on its ability to innovate and EU support remains a key component. This cooperation clearly contributes towards those efforts.”