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Saudi Arabia is the only sovereign state, together with the Vatican City, not to have a parliament, it does not have its own constitution and the Koran partially replaces it.

The largest Arab state, by area, in western Asia, the second largest in the Arab world.

Until 2019 the only existing tourism in the country was religious tourism, for who go to Mecca or Medina.

At the end of 2019 the country started the program for issuing tourist visas, which was subsequently suspended due to the international health situation. Saudi Arabia is investing heavily to promote tourism in the country.

Saudi Arabia has the largest oil reserves in the world and the sixth largest natural gas reserve in the world.

Italian brands are widely present in the country in the luxury sector, clothing, design, cars.

To better understand the dynamics of this territory, in the Report pages, to be published in May, we will interview Italian Ambassador and other institutional figures, together with the Top Managers of the companies that have invested on the spot.


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