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Brazilian economy in a pandemic era. This is one of the main themes of the Brazil Report to be published on 7 December.

The respective Embassies together with the Italian-Brazilian Chamber of Commerce in Milan and the Italian Chambers of Commerce in Brazil, will intervene to better understand what the foreign entrepreneur who wants to invest in the country in the post-covid era should expect, together with a series of in-depth studies that will concern trade exchanges with Italy, employment, the financial sector, green economy, tourism.

The President of CCIB, Luciano Feletto will make his speech to talk about the current economic moment and strategies for 2021.

The Italian private sector, already strongly present in the Brazilian market, through articles and sponsorships, will provide evidence of the investments made in the country while those who intend to seize business opportunities in Brazil, thanks to the articles written in the pages of Tribuna Economica, will have a 360-degree panaromics on the current Brazilian economic-financial reality.


The digital and paper copy of the number containing the Report can be purchased on our online store, while articles and interviews will be reported on the official pages of the journal: Linkedin, Facebook, Twitter and on the websites of our editorial partners, Camera di Commercio Italo Brasiliana,  Assocamerestero e Promos Italia.



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