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Portugal's economy is well established, mainly supported by exports and incoming tourism.

The increase in international clientele and the constant propensity to consume of the wealthiest class of the Portuguese company have favored the establishment of the main brands in the fashion and design sector.

Relations with Italy are excellent and the spread of Made in Italy is wide, also thanks to the food and wine sector.

Furthermore, Lisbon is moving with interest towards Latin American markets.

The country's economic, financial and commercial activities, relations with Italy, exports, imports and foreign investments will be the main topics addressed in the interviews with the respective Ambassadors,  with the President of the Italian Chamber of Commerce, in the comments written by the experts of Confassociazioni, Assocamerestero and Promos Italia.

An overview of what Portugal offers to foreign entrepreneurs who want to invest locally.

A particular space will be reserved for the reality of the country in an era of pandemic.



The digital and paper copy of the issue containing the Report can be purchased in our online store while the interviews will be reported on the official page of the journal, Linkedin, Facebook, Twitter and on the websites of our editorial partners Assocamerestero, Promos Italia, Confassociazioni.


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