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The appointment with Canada is back in the pages of our journal thanks to the kind collaboration of the Italian Embassy in Ottawa and, after Australia, the look at the overseas economies continues after the general deterioration caused by the global crisis Canada also suffered the effects of the pandemic with a decrease in GDP equal to -2.1% as well as the labor market was not spared with an unemployment rate that reached 13.7% in May, compared to at 5.6% in February.

Canada is a country with an economy that is very open to international trade and bilateral trade relations with Italy have always been very good.

2020 had started in a positive way for our country. The impact of the pandemic led to a slowdown in trade, but taking into consideration the overall performance of the four-month period January-April, compared to the same period of 2019, the data released by Statistica Canada show an average decrease in Italian exports of 3,1%, the best result among all the main commercial partners of Canada (the European average was -


Thanks to interviews and insights, we will be able to provide a complete overview of what Canada offers to foreign investors today.


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