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Estonia is one of the first countries in the world for innovation, dissemination and use of new technologies and in the ranking of countries with the highest economic freedom, drawn up by the Heritage foundation, it ranks 16th among all countries in the world, and 7th place among the European countries. Foreign capital was the architect of the arrival of the technological giants of telecommunications; for example, the Skype system was created in this country.


Member State of the European Union, adheres to the Euro, NATO to the OECD and is one of the signatory countries of the Kyoto Protocol, Estonia has faced the economic and health emergency with good resolutions both for the population and for businesses and the overall figure was less serious than expected. The outlook is that the health emergency will be completely overcome by 2022, that the strong support of fiscal policy will continue in 2021, reinforced by the use of the EU funds available under the NGEU and that the monetary policy of the ECB guarantees the maintenance of favorable financial conditions.


All the in-depth information on these and other issues, in particular on Estonia-Italy trade relations, will be available in the January 2022 issue.



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