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Il Re di Giordania Abdullah II
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Jordan is a constitutional monarchy. 95% of the Jordanian population is of Arab ethnicity.

The country's economy is supported by tourism which offers different types of segments, the cultural one which includes the remains of the various archaeological areas, first of all Petra, the wellness segment, interested in the Dead Sea spas, and the seaside segment.

The problem of water supply limits agriculture, which exports fruit and vegetables in particular; in the hilly areas vines are grown, which give valuable grapes, in the north the olive tree. Breeding is traditionally practiced by the Bedouin tribes.

The country imports almost all of the national energy needs

Despite the efforts undertaken to encourage entrepreneurial activities and new investments, the growth rate of the Jordanian economy remains at very low levels and unemployment continues its slow growth,

To better understand the territory, we will interview institutional figures who will provide an overview of how it is possible to move in this market. 





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