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Tribuna Economica:

Founded in 1986

Online since 2005


The printed edition is a monthly publication with an English tabloid format, it publishes the “Embassies Reports”: economic and financial journalistic services dedicated to foreign countries and realized in collaboration with Embassies licensed by the Italian State, Consulates and Chambers of Commerce.

Besides the pages dedicated to the “Embassies Reports" the newspaper identity is characterized by domestic and foreign economy, finance, news about companies, diplomacy, culture, and English-language pieces.


Tribuna Economica’s online edition is a multi-week update (Monday to Friday). The Italian and international institutional sources and private sector related news, are combined to the international english ones, editorial initiatives, several areas of information and services, and a great visibility in the world of both, Italian and foreign information.


Generally, Tribuna Economica, deals with both Italian and international economy and finance, it is a 360 degrees information addressed to SMEs, large companies, the global productive world, experts and institutional stakeholders with comments about globalization, industrial society tradition and insights from the international institutional sector. 



Newspaper signed by Francesco Bartolini Caccia 







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