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The Mexican government is determined to increase the contacts between the business communities ofMexico and theNetherlands, said Foreign Secretary José Antonio Meade during his trip toThe Hague. While inThe Hague, Foreign Secretary Meade met with Foreign Minister Albert Koenders, with whom he spoke about the need to

strengthen the economic and trade ties. At their meeting, the two officials highlighted the potential of Mexico and the Netherlands in economic matters. They also agreed to increase their ongoing cooperation projects in sectors such as agriculture, port infrastructure, education and water resources.

In the latter category, for example, the Tabasco Comprehensive Water Plan was implemented with the help of experts from the Netherlands to prevent a repeat of the flooding that occurred in 2007. Foreign Secretary Meade and Foreign Minister Koenders reviewed the progress of this public-private sector project.

As an observer to the Pacific Alliance, the Netherlands expressed its desire to maintain a dialogue with its national companies in order to explore business opportunities with the group. It is interested in expanding investment projects related to water, agriculture, energy and infrastructure. It was also agreed to continue discussing specific steps regarding scholarships and academic exchanges.

In 2014, the Netherlands was Mexico’s 12th most important trading partner worldwide and ranked fourth among the countries of the European Union. It is the second largest foreign investor in our country. Between 1999 and 2014, investment from the Netherlands in Mexico totaled about USD 50 billion, in sectors such as manufacturing, financial services, construction, professional services and trade.