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The iliad Group and the European Investment Bank (EIB) have set up a new €300 million loan to help the Group finance its mobile network rollouts in France, particularly to densify its 4G network and deploy its 5G network. Having helped to finance iliad’s fixed

network rollouts for over ten years now, the EIB is once again partnering the Group by providing financial support for rolling out its latest-generation mobile networks. This new loan brings iliad’s total amount of EIB financing to over €1.1 billion since 2009.

At iliad, network rollouts remain an absolute priority. On average, the Group invests almost 30% of its revenues in its rollouts every year, making a total of nearly €7.5 billion over the last five years. iliad’s large-scale rollout drive illustrates how deeply committed it is to the objective of giving the whole of France digital coverage, including in the most rural areas. This commitment can be clearly seen in the Group’s involvement in the French government’s “New Deal for Mobile” program.

Thanks to its investments, the Group now has more than 18,800 mobile sites across Metropolitan France and offers 4G coverage to 97.8% of the French population.

Thanks to the EIB’s triple-A rating, the loan’s underlying financial terms are very attractive. It also has a long maturity of up to eight years, which is particularly suited to the type and duration of the Group’s capital expenditure.