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Maximizing the social, economic and public health impact of billions of Euros private and public investment is crucial to meet sustainable development goals around the world. The European Investment Bank and Global Development Network  published

analysis of impact investment best practice from across Africa, alongside hosting their largest ever development impact virtual conference.

Social, economic, public health and climate action impact of private sector business and infrastructure investment will be enhanced through knowledge sharing, on both economic analysis and practical solutions, between more than 350 expert participants taking part in this week’s conference.. 

The EIB-GDN conference, “Assessing the Development Impact of Private Sector Impact Investment”, builds on four years of comprehensive research cooperation and in-depth assessment of projects across Africa and the Caribbean.

Over three days, business leaders, civil society representatives and academics will join public, private and philanthropic investors to exchange views and practical examples of how education, health, clean energy, digital and business investment can contribute to lasting social, economic and financial sustainability. Discussions will enable investors and project promoters to contribute to an accelerated and sustainable post-COVID recovery.

Ahead of the conference, the EIB and GDN published new research highlighting the impact of investments in healthcare, microfinance, financial services and other businesses, across Africa, based on analysis by young African economists supported by the EIB.

Lessons learnt from high-impact investment in Africa strengthening global development.   New analysis identifying successful social and economic impact from private sector investment in Ethiopia, Ghana, Kenya and Senegal carried out by local researchers and published by the EIB and GDN today demonstrates the lasting contribution of innovative investment.

Enabling African artisans to access international markets, using innovation to provide high-standard affordable maternal and child healthcare and ensuring that microfinance targets the specific needs of poor women are three examples of recently supported EIB investment in Africa that were examined under a set of detailed new studies and shared with global development practitioners to help overcome similar policy challenges faced in countries around the world.

Scaling up high-impact private sector investment worldwide.   This week’s conference allows practical academic, economic, social and governance best practice to be shared with social impact fund managers, venture capital investors, microfinance and business investors engaged across Africa and around the world. Discussions will demonstrate how private sector investors can benefit from incorporating impact assessment techniques and considerations and enable investors, project promoters and impact experts to address their own challenges.

Increasing impact focus of global investment partners.    The partnership between the European Investment Bank, the Global Development Network, international impact experts and local researchers is a unique worldwide financial and technical engagement.

It has enabled the EIB and its partners to analyse how they are making a lasting difference to local communities through private sector investment in, among others, clean energy, education, health, and digital.

The European Investment Bank is the world’s largest international public bank and last year provided EUR 7.8 billion for new investment outside Europe, including EUR 3 billion for public and private investment across Africa.