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The Commission has approved a new round of 151 projects under the Technical Support Instrument (TSI), to support all Member States in preparing, designing and implementing up to 326 cutting-edge reforms in 2023. The supported projects respond to a reform need expressed by Member States while being strongly aligned with the European Union's priorities for modern and efficient public administrations,

sustainable growth strategies and resilient economies.

Intensified cooperation between Public Administrations of Member States.      In this new round of projects for 2023, the TSI will maintain a strong focus on improving the operational capacity and efficiency of Member States' public administrations. In this context, a new initiative will be launched - the Public Administration Cooperation Exchange (PACE) – to promote peer-learning and best practices among civil servants of different Member States in order to strengthen administrative capacity, as well as policy making and implementation skills.

Throughout this year, the TSI will also strenghten cooperation among Member States through the highest number ever of cross-country projects, with 33 multi-country reform projects and 10 multi-regional projects. The European Commission will support Member States in addressing common challenges, through the promotion of mutual learning and the development of common approaches, while providing tailored support to each Member State or region.

Continued focus on reforms linked to common key priorities.       The TSI 2023 projects will continue supporting Member States in designing and implementing reforms towards achieving the green and digital transitions. 32% of the projects under TSI 2023 are focused on the implementation of the Green Deal objectives and 40% on the digital transition and innovation.

To strengthen solidarity with Ukraine and be more effective in the use of our toolbox, the TSI will support Member States in implementing sanctions against Russia. For example, to improve asset freezing, support will be directed to the identification of the effective ownership or control of a company. TSI support will also help the monitoring of crypto transactions to prevent sanctions' circumvention, as well as the mapping of competencies of national authorities for sanctions' implementation.

In the European Year of Skills, the TSI will also support several Member States in building their national skills strategy to overcome shortages and mismatch.

Strong uptake of TSI flagships.      One third of the reforms are linked to flagship projects in the field of energy, public administration, public finance, integration of migrants and healthcare. For example, the integrated care flagship targets Member States wishing to design and implement reforms aimed at improving the interoperability and digitalisation of healthcare systems.