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Secondo il report World Investment delle Nazioni Unite la Turchia si piazza al 22º posto nel ranking mondiale dell'afflusso di investimenti diretti esteri nel 2014, attraendo circa 12 miliardi di dollari. Secondo il rapporto pubblicato dalla Conferenza delle Nazioni Unite sul Commercio e lo Sviluppo (UNCTAD) la Turchia figura nella classifica tra

L'attività industriale mostra un forte calo nel passato mese di maggio e, secondo le misurazioni effettuate dall'agenzia di consulenza FIEL, chiude il quinto mese dell'anno con una variazione pari a -3% annuo. Nel cumulato dell´ anno, il calo raggiunge il 3,6%. L'industria automobilistica continua a guidare la discesa,

The current low interest rate environment poses a significant risk for the long-term financial viability of pension funds and insurance companies, as they seek to generate sufficient returns to meet promises, according to a new OECD report. The inaugural edition of the OECD Business and Finance Outlook says the main concern is that pension funds and life insurance companies might become

To promote jobs and growth inEurope, social and micro-enterprises will soon have access to over €500 million in finance. This is the result of a new mandate agreement signed between the European Commission and the European Investment Fund (EIF). Support will be made available under

The €315-billion “Juncker” investment plan, announced by the European Commission last November to encourage the financing of viable investments in Europe, was backed by the European Parliament in a vote on Wednesday. Parliament modified its financing structure, won a say in selecting its leadership and ensured more democratic oversight

Today’s Eurozone governance rules are too complex, lack ownership and are not consistently enforced, MEPs say in a resolution voted. The text is Parliament's input to the discussions on the future of the economic governance framework, including Thursday's European summit debate on the so-called five presidents' report on

The European Commission has concluded that Finnish plans to grant around €10 million of public investment to Vaskiluodon Voima Oy, the operator of a gasification plant in Vaasa, are in line with EU State aid rules. The plant will convert forest biomass (mainly wood chips and a small amount of peat) into gas for electricity generation and

TheNetherlands has agreed on the inclusion of anti-abuse provisions in tax treaties with five developing countries. Negotiations with Ethiopia, Ghana ,Kenya, Malawi and Zambia have been successfully completed. ‘These are just the first five out of a total of 23 countries with which we want to reach agreement on combating tax avoidance,’ says

The World Bank Board approved a $50 million credit to improve the quality and increase equitable access to Early Childhood Development (ECD) services in Sri Lanka. Early investment in human capital development is particularly effective at increasing the ability of disadvantaged children to access learning opportunities.