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Improving Europe's capacity to innovate and be globally competitive requires further efforts to encourage disruptive ideas and foster their commercial up-take. These are some of the conclusions to be drawn from the latest ranking of innovation performance across Europe. The European Commission's Innovation Union Scoreboard 2015 reveals that the EU’s overall level of

For the first time since the financial crisis, the employment rate of the population aged 20 to64 in the European Union(EU) increased in 2014, reaching 69.2% but not yet its 2008 peak (70.3%). A similar pattern can be observed for men: their employment rate has hit 75.0% in 2014, up compared with 2013 but still below its 2008 level. In contrast,

Lithuania and European Investment Bank (EIB) continue their strong partnership by establishing the EUR 150 million “Jessica II” fund and signing an agreement on a EUR 1,3 billion loan facility. The “Jessica II” fund will continue the support for energy efficiency investments inLithuania to cut energy bills in hundreds of Lithuanian

Sustained rapid economic growth and concerted efforts around national strategies to alleviate poverty have led to a decline of approximately one percentage point per year in the rate of poverty in the country between 2007 and 2012, constituting the first significant reduction in 20 years. The latest World Bank ‘Tanzania Mainland Poverty

The European Unionofficially kick-start its programme of activities at the EXPO 2015 Universal Exhibition in Milan. Centred on the theme of global food and nutrition challenges, EXPO is an opportunity for the EU to showcase its work in different food related areas and help raise awareness of this important global issue. To ensure a lasting legacy,

Foreign Secretary José Antonio Meade concluded a trip to the Nordic countries of Denmark,Finland and Sweden on Saturday that enabled Mexico to strengthen the political dialogue and the ties of friendship and cooperation with this region of Europe. On the last leg of his tour, inStockholm,Sweden, he met with Foreign Minister Margot Wallström,

Slovakia Representative to the ROC Michal Kovac and ROC Representative to Slovakia Andrew Y. Chang signed the Agreement between the Taipei Representative Office,Bratislava and the Slovak Economic and Cultural Office inTaipei in the Field of Science and Technology on April 1 and April 23, 2015, respectively. The instrument entered into force on the latter date.

Nel 2015 si prevede un aumento del prodotto interno lordo (Pil) italiano pari allo 0,7% in termini reali, cui seguirà una crescita dell'1,2% nel 2016 e dell'1,3% nel 2017. Nel 2015 la domanda interna al netto delle scorte contribuirà positivamente alla crescita del Pil per 0,3 punti percentuali, quella estera netta per 0,4 punti percentuali.

 “Tutto il Governo, a partire dal Presidente del Consiglio e dal Ministro Guidi, è fortemente impegnato per arrivare al traguardo dell'approvazione della normativa europea sull'etichettatura obbligatoria di origine delle merci (il cosiddetto "Made in")”. E’ quanto dichiara il Vice Ministro allo Sviluppo Economico Carlo Calenda.